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PPT NAMENSKA has a modern machine park, well-equipped testing and metrological laboratory for the production of the most complex devices and systems for the military and civil market.
Machining in PPT NAMENSKA is a harmonious combination of highly educated professionals and the machine park made according to the currect tehnological state in the world.
For each technological processing required by modern hydraulic and pneumatic devices, there is a wide variety of machines for:
- turning
- willing
- drilling
- expansion
- round, flat and copious grinding
- lapping
- honing
- broaching
- calibration
- rolling
- shot blasting
- welding (autogenous, electro arched and by friction)
- electroerosion etc.
Only a small part consists of precise universal machines of conventional type, while more of them are NC and CNC machines.
For handling corpus parts with high accuracy, the processing centers of variuos types are used. Extremely high accuracy in certain parts can be achieved only if the production takes place in the air-conditioned surroundings. That is why, a number of machines in PPT Namenska, works in such equipped premises where it is possible to keep the temperature of the machine, the refrigerator, the working piece, tools and equipment constantly at 20°.
In the first place, in such conditions is performed precise:
- flat, round and copious grinding
- coordinate drilling and grinding
- CNC willing and drilling
- honing and lapping
- pairing, assembly and testing of the steering distributor

Production of hydraulic and pneumatic devices and systems wouldn't be possible at all without the adequate heat treatment and galvanic protection. Most of the modern technological procedures in this area, has for years been successfully used and developed in PPT. Thus are in use:
- soft and hard incadescence
- amelioration
- hardening in chlorohydronic acid, protected atmosphere and vacuum
- induction hardening
- cementation and carbon nitration in gas
- short and long term gas nitrating
- nitrating as per Tenifer Specification
- boroning in powder
The existing equipment satisfies the most rigorous requirements of both domestic and global standards.
In the area of galvanic coatings the following procedures have been developed :
- chroming
- nickeling
- zincing
- browning
- phosphating
The quality control in this area also is provided on the latest equipment in the course of the process and after the process is being completed.
Premises for assembling the devices are specially secured, thus providing flawless cleanliness maintenance. Certain sections for assembling specific devices, like those used in aviation, have fully controlled and air-conditioned atmosphere.

PPT- Namenska has the equipment for testing and controlling the produced devices and systems in the phase of development (homologation) and mass production according to the MIL standards:
- Test benches for functional testings of the hydraulic, pneumatic and combustion devices and systems.
- Test benches for testing the landing gears (throw, buffeting, fatigue, durability);
- Test laboratory for brakes, tires and plane wheels;
- Test benches for examining the buffeting, vibrations and acceleration.
Besides the classic testing equipment, PPT-Namenska also possess:
- Laser measuring system, tri-coordinated measuring machines, profile projectors, konturographs, microscopes.
PPT-Namenska owns metrologic laboratory for examining the control equipment, pressure and length. PPT-Namenska owns control equipment for examination of the stucture of the materials, chemical composition and mechanic features, and a laboratory for purity of the oil according to the standards of ISO, MIL and DIN.

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