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Permanent commitment of PPT NAMENSKA is to deliver products and services of high and constant quality in order to meet the increasingly complex requirements and expectations of consumers, legal and other regulations, preserve reputation and increase market share, to be among the market leaders and to achieve and icrease business performance.
Safety and reliability of our products and services is the basis on which ou future business in all aspects of our work is founded and created.
Quality policy, environmental protection, health and safety regulations at work as a basis of our business policy is based on:

• Delivering a wide range of products that fully meet requirements and regulations that define product quality and environmental protection,

• Competitiveness building based on the delivery of quality-recognized products and services readily available to users with clear and open communication in order to enhance cooperation, to achieve common development and profit, and to improve the qulity of products and processes they receive,

• Efficient and effective management of processes that make better use of all resources, cost reduction, error prevention quality improvement and predictable resaults,

• Development and innovation of products and services that follow the needs of consumers and contemporary trends in design, construction, application of modern technologies, technical standards and norms (CE mark, PI mark) and environmental protection and resource conservation.,

• Prevention and efficient management of risks related to business, monitoring and management in order to reduce or prevent environmental pollution, health and safety at work with the focus on taking preventive measures with continuous improvement.

• Reduction or elimination of negative environmental impacts, prevention of injuries at work which are under our control, in accordance with legal regulations and other requirements by defining goals and programs, their realization, monitoring and continuous improvement of the effects of environmental protection and health safety at work.

• Efficient and effective management of business processes for better use of resources, cost reduction, prevention of work errors, prevention in environmental protection and the protection of employees.

• Identification of possible incidents and premtive action on their prevention or minimization. Developing employee awareness of the importance of ecology, health and safety at work through permanent education and training.

Higher level of quality of products, environment, health and safety at work, information security, realized through compliance with the requirements of applied international standards in PPT-NAMENSKA ensure the efficiency of business processes and enable access to new markets.
The responsibility for planning and ensuring the quality of products, environment, health and safety at work as well as information security is permanent obligation of managers at all levels, within their functional duties and authorization.
Quality, environmental protection and health and safety at work are the responsibility of every employee regardless of the functional or work assignment he or she performs in the organization. All employees are obliged and required to provide an active and creative contribution in realizing the policy and goals of quality and environmental protection.
In order to achieve our goals, PPT NAMENSKA has upgraded its business and organization to meet the requirements of SRPS/ISO 9001:2015, SRPS/ISO 14001:2015, SRPS/ISO 18001:2008 i SORS 9000:2014, EN(AS)9100:2015 standards as well as the good market practice these imply.
                    Trstenik                                                                                                                                                CEO
             05.12.2017. godine                                                                                                                     Anđelka Atanasković, dipl.inž.maš.

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