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The vision of the aircraft factory in Trstenik was established immediately after the end of the World War II. The construction of an aircraft factory in Trstenik intended for national defense was foreseen by the First Five-Year Plan, adopted by the National Assembly of FNRY in April, 1947. According to the approximate plan of defense industry development, the Central Design Bureau within the Directorate General of Aeronautical Industry, designed the aircraft factory under the code "Institute 305", whose construction began in Trstenik in August, 1948. The following year, on March 23rd, 1949, subject to a confidential Resolution No. 461, signed by Josip Broz Tito, the Prime Minister of FPRY and the Minister of National Defense, the State Enterprise "Prva Petoletka" was established. Its first task was to manufacture combat aircrafts and training aircrafts.

Soon after, it was decided to move the aircraft factory into rural region of the country, whereas Petoletka was entrusted with already adopted program – manufacturing hydraulics and landing gears for different types of domestic aircrafts as well as overhaul of landing gears for foreign aircraft types.

In 1972, a special products factory was constituted as an integral part of Petoletka.
The special products factory recorded a significant growth.
The execution of construction works on a new factory was initiated at the location of today's Special Product Factory PPT Namenska. The building was completed, equipped and put into operation in 1983, i.e. in 1984 respectively. Special Product Factory Namenska became finally separated from the Prva Petoletka system in 2008, thus becoming a completely independent entity.

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